Elmwood Kids

Elmwood Kids

At Elmwood we desire to create an environment where people of all ages can join in the worship of our great God, and that includes our kids! Depending on the ages of your children, we offer a variety of options:

Extended Nursery (0-3yrs):

Safe and fun nursery care is available throughout the entire service in the Kids Wing.

Early Elementary (1st-3rd grade):

One of the ways we believe children grow into dedicated followers of Christ is by watching their parents and other role models of the faith regularly worship Jesus. Currently we have our early elementary kids join us throughout the service, as they observe others and personally participate in corporate worship and the hearing of God’s word proclaimed.

Extended Youth (4th-8th grade):

As kids move from early elementary to our extended youth group, we want to recognize that they are beginning to think deeply about their faith and are in the process of making it their own. They are also forming community with one another that the Lord will use to help reinforce their walk with Him. At Elmwood we value facilitating this and want to fan into flame with Jesus is doing in His young people. For those of the extended youth group we are developing a working on developing a time for them to uniquely and regularly meet on a monthly basis.  We would also encourage our extended youth to begin thinking about serving on different ministry teams as a junior team member.

High School (9th-12th grade):

As kids get older, we want to acknowledge that they have genuine questions and are wrestling with real decisions in their day to day life. Furthermore, we believe that parents, in partnership with the collective body of Christ, are a child’s first line of discipleship. To that end, Elmwood’s high schoolers will find a safe and accessible space participating in our weekly worship service and serving on ministry teams, where we firmly believe they will experience authentic fellowship and be empowered to be mature followers of Jesus.