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May 2012 - Pastor's Corner

posted May 6, 2012, 7:44 AM by Linda Dickinson
Dear Friends in Christ,
I have always loved the hymn “Beautiful Saviour” written originally in German with the title “Schoenster Herr Jesu”.   The description of our Lord Jesus in the hymn is tremendous.  It contains a list of the amazing roles Jesus has had throughout the ages:  Beautiful Saviour, King of Creation, Son of God, Son of Man, and Lord of the Nations. The hymn writer contrasts the Lord with some of the most beautiful aspects of the created world around us, such as fair meadows and woodlands robed in the flowers of blooming spring, the fair sunshine and fair moonlight, and bright sparking stars on high.  But Jesus is fairer, Jesus shines brighter, and Jesus is purer than even all the angels in the sky.
How beautiful and how glorious our Saviour Jesus truly is!  So how do we respond to One like Him, this One who makes our sorrowing spirits to sing?  We answer with a proclamation of faith and trust.  Truly I’d love Thee.  Truly I’d serve Thee, You who are the Light of my soul, my joy, and my crown.  Because of the amazing relationship He invites us to have with Him, we experience right here, right now and forever the beauty of it all. 
As we contemplate in reverence and awe this Jesus who is so fair, so bright, and so pure, it causes us to bow before Him in wonder and amazement at the price of His innocent suffering and death and glorious victory over the grave.  With the angels and all the heavenly hosts we cry out, “Glory and honor, praise and adoration, now and forevermore be Thine Jesus, yes, all for you Jesus forever and ever and ever and ever.   AMEN!”
As the meadows, woodlands, gardens, lawns, and flower beds are bursting forth in new life and beauty around us these days, may the glory of God’s magnificent creation cause our hearts to sing and declare with the angels how Beautiful our Saviour truly is.
All for Him,
Pastor Fred