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Pastor's Corner - July 2015

posted Oct 30, 2015, 9:13 AM by Linda Dickinson

Greetings Dear Friends in Christ!

Change is all around us these days!  Chelmsford Road is being demolished as I write this.  One takes a bit of a risk just in driving up our street!  We have been promised that our parking lot will always have one entrance open.  Be careful, and by fall we will have a lovely new street.  Change comes to our personal lives on a regular basis as well.  Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new babies and the death of loved ones all are part of the ongoing changes in our lives.

You will notice some changes inside Elmwood’s facility as well.  We are delighted to welcome Grove Community Church to Elmwood.  At the June church council meeting the council voted unanimously to allow this young church to use our facility for an extended period of time.   The Grove is a church plant led by Pastor Josh Krehbiel and his wife, Katie.    The church is made up of about seventy young singles, young couples and their small children.  Their desire is to plant house groups throughout the area that will meet in homes on a weekly basis.  Then all the groups will come together to worship as a community once a month at Elmwood.  As they are getting themselves established, they will all meet together every Sunday evening at Elmwood at 5;00 pm.  Feel free to join them for worship!  They love the Lord Jesus and deeply desire to bring glory and honor to His Holy Name.  Perhaps you have noticed new sound equipment in the front of the sanctuary.  Grove Church has installed their brand new state-of-the-art system which they want us to enjoy as well.

By the way, you will soon be noticing some changes in our parking lot and around our building.  Because Elmwood has been so gracious to the St. Anthony Village community these last two summers in allowing our parking lot to be the “neighborhood parking lot,” the city is giving us new parking lot lights, as well as paying for the installation of new exterior lights around our building.  Once the street work is completed they will also assist us in re-landscaping the street side part of our property and restriping our parking lot.

Yes, dear ones, change continually comes, but by the grace of God we can embrace the future with hope and expectation, knowing that the Lord Jesus loves us, has a plan for us, and leads on onward to be His witnesses in an ever changing world.

In the unchanging love of Christ,

Pastor Fred