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Pastor's Corner - September 2013

posted Aug 30, 2013, 1:53 PM by Linda Dickinson

Greetings Elmwood Friends and Family,


Taste and see that the Lord is good”      Psalm 34:8


It is that time of year again, the Minnesota State Fair is happening.  Thousands of people flock to the fairgrounds to see the sights, ride the rides, and eat the food.  The fair is a giant smorgasbord of crazy food stuck on sticks.  The stranger the better seems to be the motto. 

It is also that time of year that our congregation enters full swing into the fall season.  After an amazing Vacation Bible School it is time for Sunday School to begin again.  The Board of Ed has chosen a new curriculum for this year.  There will be classes for pre-school through adults.  Come, taste, and see!

The women are starting a new fall Bible Study on the life of Daniel.  I hear it is one of the best Beth Moore studies that has been produced.  Come, taste, and see!

Friday Night Fellowship has been transformed into Sunday Night Bible Discussion, “Discipleship in Acts,” with a very creative and innovative plan for the class.  It is designed so that there will be separate men’s and women’s study times, plus fellowship time and child care.  Come, taste, and see!

The Seniors’ monthly Bible Study is going back to the very beginning, to the first eleven chapters of Genesis.  Together we will explore the amazing way God created the heavens and the earth and His divine plan for us.  Come, taste, and see!

We are delighted to offer these opportunities as well as our regular Sunday morning worship service so that everyone can be filled up with the good things of God as we gather together this fall at Elmwood.  It may be new, something you’ve never tried before, and even a bit crazy, so come on, join us as we taste and see together that the Lord is good!

Love and Blessings (on a stick),

Pastor Fred