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Pastor's Corner - September 2018

posted Aug 31, 2018, 12:42 PM by Linda Dickinson

Greetings Elmwood Family and Friends,

It is that “back to school” time once again.  It was a good summer, but very busy.  Now it is back to the routine that the school year brings.  When I was growing up our family always took a first day of school photo.  My parents started it when my older brother first went off to school and they kept it up until it was my younger sister’s last day of school.  The photos taken through the years were eventually combined into one little album by our mom.  It is fun to look through this little picture book and see how life was in the Thoni family year by year.  We three Thoni kids changed.  Our hair and clothes styles changed.  The family dog, often in the photo, changed.  Even the house changed as remodeling and additions took place.

Here it is September, and guess what, here at Elmwood CHANGE is happening all around us.  We have watched the Wilshire Park Elementary School vastly changed this summer with the huge building project going on.  We have dodged orange cones on the local streets once again this summer with road construction all around us.  To top it all off Elmwood is deep into the revitalization process with change coming constantly.

In the August newsletter I shared the basic vision of the revitalization plan.  On Sunday, August 12, I talked about the plan from the pulpit and we watched two videos about church revitalization.  On Sunday, August 19, Pastor Dan Moose was with us from the North Central District office of the EFCA and spoke to the congregation about the plan, which included a lively Q&A time.  On Sunday, August 26, the congregation held a special congregational meeting and voted nearly unanimously to form a Call Committee to begin the interview process of the two pastoral candidates presented in the revitalization plan.  A Prayer Team, a Vision Team, and a Transitional Leadership Team have all been formed. Many evenings this month are booked up with team meetings.


Change is all around us!  Frankly, it can be rather overwhelming at times.  There are a lot of unknowns, plenty of uncertainties.  But, there is also an amazing spirit of excitement and hopefulness rising in the Elmwood congregation.  God is moving! He is giving us a vision for the future and the hope of seeing our church thrive once more.  He who is the same, yesterday, today, and forever is with us.  He is our guardian and keeper.  His promises are yea and amen.  He is the One who leads us forward in victory!

Transformation not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord must be our heart cry, our constant prayer.  Thank you in the midst of all the change for your rooted and grounded trust in Christ.  Thank you for your on-going prayers for Elmwood’s future and thank you for your prayers for the Elmwood leadership and the teams that have been formed.

Living the life with you, all for Him,
Pastor Fred